Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is the VP of Propulsion Systems for Northrop  Grumman’s Launch and Missile Defense Systems Division. She’s responsible for key programs including the solid rocket booster for NASA’s Space Launch System, Trident II (D5) and Minuteman III strategic missile product lines, the Ground based Midcourse Defense program, and commercial rocket motors and products. 

Previously, Wendy was the VP of Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Structures business unit with responsibility for commercial, military, and strategic aerospace structures, as well as composite structures for launch programs.  

Wendy joined the company in 1990, and her background includes more than 30 years of management and executive management experience in aerospace enterprises. She served as the VP of  Strategy & Integration for Orbital ATK’s Flight Systems Group where she led group-level strategy, its deployment process, and she was the capture lead of major strategic pursuits, collaborating with Business  Development on customer outreach. She was also responsible for integration efforts across all divisions including operations, supply chain management, safety board, integration and risk management activities and facility and land management.  

Wendys’ prior positions include VP of Business Integration for legacy ATK’s Aerospace Group,  where she had responsibility for business transformation, operations, supply chain, information systems processes, and tools integration. She was also deputy general manager for Space Components Division and Mission Research and Technical Services.  

Wendy served as the VP of Membership for Women in Aerospace and currently serves on the  Board of Directors for United Way of Salt Lake City.