Eric Parker is CEO and co-founder at Giddy, where he is working on bringing the power of decentralized finance to the masses. Eric has led mobile development efforts at many successful tech companies including Teem, SimpleNexus, Canopy, and Walmart. Eric’s first introduction to crypto was in 2012 when he started mining bitcoin and he’s been obsessed ever since. In late 2020 Eric got involved in DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain, he invested in many early projects and successfully launched a few of his own tokens. Eric founded Giddy in 2021 with a desire to democratize access to wealth and DeFi by making it easier and safer to access for a mainstream audience. Eric’s deep experience in creating powerful, user-friendly products coupled with his technical prowess in apps and blockchain tech make him perfectly suited to lead this effort in bringing Web3 technology to the masses.