In 2015 my husband Colby and I founded Thread Wallets, a business that sells carry accessories online and in retail locations throughout the USA. Based in Provo, Utah our goal is to empower individuals to ‘carry on’ through both the products we sell and the lifestyle we promote. Since the early days, I gravitated toward the marketing aspects of our business and ran as the CMO until the spring of 2021 when I stepped back to pursue personal projects to focus on our family. In the years that I was CMO, Thread was ranked one of the fastest growing companies in Utah and appeared twice on the INC. 500.I believe in the power of surrounding yourself with smart and talented people who are dedicated to creating and building. I love helping others achieve success for themselves and I feel passionate about helping them find the same freedom and joy I have found in my entrepreneurial and creative pursuits.I’m a fearless advocate for women’s equality and bettering the lives of minority individuals around the state of Utah.