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Hiring and Retaining Talent: 2021 and Beyond

Join experts at some of Utah’s companies as they explore the top challenges businesses are facing when hiring and retaining talent.

    • JD Conway, Head of Talent Acquisition, BambooHR (moderator)
    • Chris Farnsworth, VP of Human Resources, dōTERRA International
    • Ted Forbes, Founder, Divitius Partners
    • Sam Malouf, Co-Founder & CEO, Malouf Companies
    • Nadia Letey, President, CBRE

Diversity and Inclusion

Take a look into the importance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging (D.E.I.B) and why it matters for communities. 

  • Nikki Walker, Director Of Brand Engagement, Domo (moderator)
  • Shawn Newell, VP of Business Development, Visible Supply Chain Management
  • James Jackson III, Founder, Utah Black Chamber
  • Tunisha Brown, Founder, Impact Magazine
  • Neelam Chand, Founder & CEO, Shift SLC

B2B: The Future of Collaboration & How it Shapes our Economy 

This panel will take a deeper look at how different businesses have worked in partnership to create solutions to some of businesses’ biggest challenges.

  • Nathan Paddock, Director of Business Development, Wells Fargo (moderator)
  • Katelin Roberts, Executive Director, BioHive
  • Brandon Newman, CEO & Co-founder, Xevant
  • Ryan Jones, EVP & Chief Lending Officer, Altabank
  • Amy Osmond Cook, CMO, Simplus
  • Scott Johnson, Founder & CEO, Motivosity 

Asset Protection and Lawsuit Prevention

Legally Mine will show you how to stop the threat of lawsuits before they ever get started by protecting your assets in time-tested and proven legal structures. These same structures allow us to help our tax attorneys shave what you would normally pay in income taxes. These are little-known tax helps that have significant case history and have stood the test of time.

  • David Mitton, Presenter, Legally Mine
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